Friday, September 18, 2009

Stories for Children by Neelambari released recently by Inchara Prakashana

Neelambari is a popular name in the field of Children's Literature in Kannada. Many of his stories take the children on a hike in the Jungle or take a trip to far off places including the Sun! Now, for the first time, a host of his stories have been translated into English by Sahana. Adventures in the Jungle-Village (Rs.70/-) and Space Shuttle Angaraka and other Stories (12 Stories) (Rs.70/-) are the two books published by Inchara Prakashana and the copies are available at M/s. Navakarnataka Publications, Bangalore.
These story books are very interesting and boost the imagination of children. These are fit to be prescribed for Primary and High School students. Learners of English find a wonderful reading material in these two books.
Both the author and the translator welcome you to an exuberant experience of the Jungle world and outer space.
Have a nice week end with these cute little volumes!

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