Monday, October 31, 2011

UPSC IAS Mains 2011 : English (Compulsory Paper)

(Download) UPSC IAS Mains 2011 : English (Compulsory Paper)


IAS Mains 2011 
English (Compulsory Paper)

Subject: English (Compulsory Paper)
Exam Date: 30th October 2011
File Size: 2.76 MB


Srushti D said...

I was preparing for English for IAS - I wanted to know if enrolling in an online course would be good?

Also, someone said English is not a high scoring subject. One should pick subjects like Math and Engineering for a good score. Is that correct? But then I don't have a background in Mathematics - what subjects should I choose for a good score?

Anonymous said...

I'm appearing for IAS Exam and confused that which subject to choose for mains but then I enrolled in and I was looking for such informative post from your side also . Thanks for the post. It clear my doubt regarding ias exam. said...

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